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Location:  124 South 600 East, Suite 102

Salt Lake City, Ut  84102



Welcome to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Sandy, Utah

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga invites you into an awareness of and connection to your body and breath, which is often lost in the aftermath of trauma. The movements are gentle, with purposeful attention to the sensations they create. Our emphasis is not on the outward form or position, but instead on the felt experience of your body. TSY is not about meaning-making or analyzing. There is no call for justification or judgement of what arises. We won’t be excavating the past or worry about the future. Our purpose is simply to notice what it feels like to exist in your body in the present moment. My own healing journey led me to the study and practice of restorative yoga, and the goal of my work is to share what I’ve learned, in the hope that it will make a difference for you. Trauma is stored in the body as well as the mind, and TSY can help to release the hold it has on your life…allowing you to feel grounded and whole and free, as we are all meant to feel.

Love & Light, Juanita Giles